Wahl Premium Cutting Guards [ .1, 1 & 1 ½]

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Wahl Premium Cutting Guards set containing a N'.5 / ½ (1.5mm / 1/16 inch), a N’1 (3mm / 1/8 inch) and a N’ 1 ½ (4.5mm / 8/16 inch).

These guards come with rounded teeth for a smoother cutting experience and are made with engineering grade materials, making the guards 70% stronger than the standard Wahl guards and built for durability and rigidness. They incorporate the Secure-Fit™ Technology metal tabs that ensure the Premium Cutting guards has a stronger hold to the clipper blade, preventing it from detaching. They seamlessly glide through the hair offer a smoother and easier haircut and are compatible with all Wahl taper clipper blades.

Fits all Wahl full-size clipper blades including SuperTaper, Taper 2000, Pro-Clip, Balding, Icon, Magic, 5* Legend, Academy, Chrome Taper 2000, 5* Cordless Magic, Super Taper Cordless & Cordless Magic Clip Metal. Does not fit Competition Series Blades.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review