The Bluebeards Revenge

The Bluebeards Revenge 

The Bluebeards Revenge is a British company based in the South West of England that produces a range of professional mens shaving, grooming and styling products. The brand creates sustainable products that are eco, vegan and vegetarian friendly, contain no SLS or parabens and where possible use recyclable materials such as aluminium. Their aim is to create a better future and they’re doing an amazing job at it. 

2021 sees them rebranding their products to be even more eco friendly. All tubs have changed from plastic to aluminium and boxes are gradually being removed where possible. The Bluebeards Revenge range of products include their best selling Shave Cream and Pre-shave Oil and new products to suit the ever changing market such as the extra large quiff roller and liquid plastic combs.

A fantastic range for any modern man.

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