Kapper KIS GlamWash APRICOT (Copper) - 250ml

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Product Overview

Do you feel like a change, but not permanently? With the new Royal Kis Glam Wash you transform your hair quickly and easily with a trendy color. A quick wash and you are ready for that festival or party. The color washes out gradually so no outgrowth. You can choose from five colors. So, a different look for every party. For a true glamour make-over!

Whether your hair is colored or natural, with Royal KIS Glam Wash you can freshen up your hair color or give you hair a new, vibrant color in no time at all. This super intensive color wash is highly suitable for use in the salon to pre-pigment the hair. Royal KIS Glam Wash is also ideal to use at home between two color treatments, helping you to maintain your beautiful color. You get a wonderful color effect with a natural shine.

The color intensity and durability of Royal KIS Glam Wash depend on the processing time and the number of treatments. The lighter the base color, the brighter the result. You can weaken the color intensity by shortening the processing time or by mixing Glam Wash with your favourite shampoo.

If you’d like another color, no problem at all. The color fades gradually every time you wash your hair and stays in the same color range. It washes out after 10 washes. So, you can alternate your party pastel with a vibrant red party look or violet color in between – whatever you want. Get experimenting!

It is so simple to use: once a week, alternate your nourishing shampoo with Royal KIS Glam Wash to keep your hair color looking fresh and vibrant. Apply the color wash evenly over your hair, leave it in for five to ten minutes and then rinse out thoroughly. For additional care: treat your hair afterwards with a conditioner of leave-in product of you choice.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review