L'Anza Healing Curls Power Butter Conditioner 50ml


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L'Anza Healing Curls

L’Anza Healing Curls Butter Conditioner moisturises and detangles for velvety soft curls. Vegan Butter Complex deeply moisturises dry, curly strands. Anti-humidity formula locks down cuticle to stop frizz.

  • Plant-based formula that provides maximum curl strength.
  • Contains vegan butter formula containing capuacu, mango and moringa butter.
  • Healing Curls uses 100% vegan protein derived from peas and potatoes. This complete protein blend contains all the essential amino acids to strengthen and increase fiber thickness for your best springiness and bounce.
  • Handy travel / plane safe size.
  • Cactus Plant - Nature’s survivor, cactus plant thrives in the hottest conditions. The plant produces Adaptogens that protect from extreme heat and provide an extra measure of thermal protection.
  • Sunflower Seed - Contains minerals and provides protection from damaging free radicals, UV and environ-mental aggressors, while promoting healthy hair and scalp.
  • Cysteine Amino Acids - Helps reduce fiber fracturing and hair breakage, increasing curl resiliency and flexibility. Rebuilds damaged disulfide bridges to avert breakage and prevent split ends.
  • Olive Oil - This outstanding hair emollient provides a 55% reduction in frizz, 3x more protection from heat styling (up to 450°F) and a 69% improvement in hair detangling, making it ideal for all types of curly hair.
  • Milk thistle plant - High levels of strong antioxidant Silymarin help protect hair and scalp from pollutants that can lead to premature damage & aging.
  • Meadowfoam flower seed oil - Essential to all Healing Hair-care, the oil from the Meadowfoam Flower Seed contains an abundance of lipids and emollients to adds shine and fully moisturise curls.
Looking for a finish at full volume? Avoid conditioning the scalp area! This can weigh down the root of the curl.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review