Marvis Mouthwash, Classic Mint Toothpaste & Black Tooth brush

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Product Overview

We’ve put together this Marvis deal for a Marvis toothbrush, classic mint toothpaste and mouthwash at a special price. Each product comes in it’s box. Marvis toothbrush With its stylish black handle and plastic travel cap is ideal for home or away alongside your Marvis flavoured toothpaste. It has a long black bristles and a long black handle. Stylish and suave looking this is the perfect toothbrush for the minimalist bathroom. Brush length is 16 cm with a brush head length of 3 cm and 1 cm long bristles. Marvis Classic Strong Mint A rich, creamy toothpaste that tingles in your mouth and helps remove plaque for a sparkling white smile. Unmistakable “Piperita”Mint for intense pleasure and endless freshness. Marvis Concentrated Strong Mint Mouthwash Energies and cleanses your entire mouth with a cool, sparkling peppermint sensation. Pleasurable for both teeth and gums, the long-lasting refreshing formula is alcohol-free and contains natural extracts, xylitol and propolis. It is formulated for good oral hygiene and fresh breath and a unique cleansing experience.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review